Lanny Lesniak-Domino
Graphic Designer/Fine Artist/Illustrator



Artist Statement

Learning English as my second language was a challenge, but with it came much exciting new knowledge in the English language. I was able to read stories, novels, and poems by the greatest minds that have existed. The use of their pens, and/or pencils created thousands of pictures in my mind with every word they wrote. It was from them, that my passion grew to have my work captivate the audience in similar ways. My work is informed by classic works of literature such as Shakespeare, Jules Verne, and Ernest Hemingway. The beautiful imagery and stimulating plots allow the audience to see the images. In my work, I approach it from the other end, I use images to narrate a story. The viewer is guided visually as if reading a story, and instead of having literary devices like exposition, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, and a resolution, it contains color, lines, rhythm, and forms. Art to me is like a good novel, telling a story with every subject, medium, and its setting. My priority as a designer is to create solutions to the visually crippled, in ways that stimulate the mind. It is paramount that my work illustrates new world experiences for people. Am not defined by one art style, I like to experiment, and evolve. I am constantly trying to reinvent my style with different techniques used in my work that cater to today’s changing society. My target audience is people who do not always understand art. I also, want my work to be accessible and stimulating. The viewer will be sucked into my work as if they were picking up their favorite written work of literature to read.


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